Cow reproduction



The ‘Early predictors of lifetime female reproductive performance’ project sought to identify early-in-life indicator traits that could be used in selection to improve lifetime reproduction rates.

Real examples of northern-type breeders with different body condition scores. Photographs and descriptions of body condition scores 1 to 5.

Pregnancy testing is a very valuable management tool. To ensure that the returns outweigh the effort and cost, it is essential to establish objectives to determine how the…

An introduction to the concept of spike feeding beef cattle in northern Australia, what it is, what and how long to feed, potential benefits, etc.

Profitable beef businesses of the future will be those that have already started some years earlier to improve the inherent fertility of their breeder herd through monitoring performance,…

Key messages Seasonal mating reduces the period of lactation in the dry season, preserving body condition, supporting healthy egg development and ovarian function for cycling following calving. Supplement…

Key messages  Cows lactating during the dry season in northern Australia often lose weight as the pasture diet can’t provide enough protein and energy. The loss of body…

Key messages To consistently achieve a high level of cow reproduction, management is required that results in: a high proportion of cows becoming pregnant early in the optimum…

The fertility of a breeder herd has a significant impact on the profitability of a beef breeding business. Basically, more weaners from a set number of breeders over…