Genetic improvement



Genomic information is playing an increasingly important role in genetic evaluation for beef cattle breeders. As genotyping becomes more common, it is the quality and quantity of phenotypes…

‘Female selection in beef cattle’ provides a practical overview to help you to understand the basics of female selection and management, better understand the relative contribution of female selection to the overall herd, and improve your skills in female selection and management.

This booklet will assist you to: define markets, determine breeding goals and plan breeding programs. This publication covers topics such as achievable gains from a planned breeding program;…

Beef cattle recording and selection provides an overview of basic beef cattle genetics and the basic principles of planned breeding and selection in practice. It includes producers’ experiences…

The ‘Wagyu genetics collaboration research project’ investigated performance, pedigree and genotype data to establish the concept that genotyping can be a useful tool for the Wagyu breeder and producer—both in use in selection, and for use in sorting animals for production.