Resilience strategies for small landholders Part 5: When euthanasia is the best option

This series of recorded webinars is focused on supporting small landholders during times of drought and the subsequent recovery processes. This is part 5 of a 5-part webinar series.

In this session, join Geoff Neithe (veterinarian) when he discusses your obligations for Duty of Care to your animals when faced with the challenges of dry conditions and when is euthanasia the most appropriate option.

At what point do you make important decisions about the animals in your care?

Geoff will also expand on what your legal requirements are for managing the animals in your care. The topics being discussed include:

  1. Do I sell or agist my animals?
  2. Managing animal body condition
  3. Should I hand feed my animals?
  4. Toxic plants and reducing the risk of toxicity
  5. Euthanasia

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation.  22:00; published 12 May 2020 by FutureBeefAu.

Download a copy of the presentation – When euthanasia is the best option (PDF, 2.51 MB)

Additional resources:

Full recording


  1. When euthanasia is the best option
  2. The typical scenario…what do I do?
  3. Option 1: Sell or agist
  4. Managing stock in low body condition
  5. Body condition score ‘0’
  6. Body condition score 1
  7. Indicators of fatigue
  8. As body condition score improves…
  9. Body condition score <2 are no value for slaughter
  10. Option 2: Feeding stock
  11. Amount of feed depends on the quality
  12. If rain were to fall tomorrow…
  13. Toxic plants
  14. Reducing the risk of plant toxicity
  15. Barber’s Pole Worm
  16. Option 3: Euthanasia
  17. Further assistance or help