Establishing and managing improved pastures: Projects



Rapid, widespread dominance of exotic, stoloniferous, perennial grass Indian couch (Bothriochloa pertusa) is occurring in Queensland pastures, with reports also for the Northern Territory. This transformation is not…

The Use of fertiliser phosphorus for increased productivity of legume-based sown pastures in the Brigalow Belt region – a review project investigated responses by pasture legumes to phosphorus…

The Fertilising for yield and quality in grass pastures and forage crops: Scoping study investigated the feasibility of using strategic applications of nitrogen fertiliser in a range of…

The Demonstrating recovery of pasture productivity: Mulga Lands – Bollon project used four producer demonstration sites on three commercial properties to demonstrate recovery of pasture productivity, through pasture…

The Carp, kelp and Christmas Island; where to next with fertilisers? project evaluated the performance of selected fertiliser alternatives, relative to both single superphosphate to assess their impact…

Seed production projects aim to develop and improve pasture species for the northern grazing industry.

The ‘Promising pastures’ project investigates recently released or advanced varieties of pasture grasses and legumes for beef finishing and breeding systems in northern Queensland.