Weeds and Trees: Publications and books



A burning management system for shrub control in the mulga country of south west Queensland is beneficial for production and conservation by maintaining good land condition. Read about…

This guide to ‘Reducing weed risks from fodder’ aims to increase awareness of weed risks associated with fodder use in Queensland. It highlights tools which can be used to help you assess your weed risks when sourcing fodder and suggests simple strategies for reducing weed risk during fodder transportation, storage and feeding out.

This manual offers best practice management options to land managers dealing with weedy Sporobolus grasses, including giant rat’s tail grass (GRT) and giant Parramatta grass.

The aim of this guide is to help landholders and advisors identify the risk factors and deal proactively and more effectively with the incidence of pimelea. It includes several producer case studies from across Australia.

This book describes how experienced graziers manage for profitability and sustainability. Critical issues include their choice of livestock, stocking rates, grazing and husbandry practices, improvement of native pastures,…

The Creeping lantana handbook contains results of research as well as suggested methods of management and control for a variety of situations. This book, published by the Creeping…