Begonia Legume Best Management Workshop

On Thursday, 14 November, Begonia Sports Club hosted 11 producers from seven businesses to attend the Legume Best Management Practices Workshop presented by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) sown pastures team.

This workshop was a result of an earlier Tips & Topics Day held at the Begonia Sports Complex hosted by the DAF in July, 2019.  At this event producers and service providers attended a number of presentations (see Local beef producers drive Tips & Topics Day at Begonia) and three follow-up events were identified:

1)           How to successfully sow legumes into grass pastures

2)           Business analysis to support profitable decision making

3)           How to establish effective digital connectivity across their property

At this follow-up event, producers were taken through a planning process to develop an action plan to reliably and successfully adopt legumes on their property. Graziers’ action plans included the selection of the right legume for their location, soil type and desired production goals, reliable establishment methods, and practises and techniques for managing the legume‐grass pastures for long term productivity.

The workshop is delivered as part of the Legume Best Management Practice in the Brigalow Belt project. The project is co-funded by DAF and Meat & Livestock Australia and aims to improve the productivity, profitability and sustainability of beef enterprises through reliable and successful use of pasture legumes.

Left: DAF southern sown pastures team members, Brian Johnson, Gavin Peck and Louise Walker; Right: Local graziers participating in the workshop at Begonia in November 2019.