Accelerating uptake of leucaena-based pastures

Leucaena-based pastures offer one of the most productive feed-base options for northern beef producers where rainfall and soils are suitable. The Accelerating uptake of leucaena-based pastures project aimed to:

  • review and upgrade the Leucaena Code of Practice into a Best Management Code of Conduct
  • produce information materials on responsible and productive use and management of leucaena and sponsor training opportunities to assist producers increase their skills and knowledge
  • support and be engaged in the consultation process for the commercialisation of the psyllid resistant variety, Redlands
  • support the release of Redlands variety through the coordination of field and training activities
  • facilitate and conduct field trials to support environmental permit registrations for use of herbicides to control weedy leucaena
  • facilitate and conduct on-farm field trials in commercial paddocks to determine the impact of fertiliser on leucaena growth and cattle production, with support from graziers.

To learn more, please read the final report summary and download the final report (P.PSH.0665) (PDF, 933.9 KB) from the Meat & Livestock Australia website.

When: 2013 – 2016

Contact: Michael T Burgis

Collaborator: The Leucaena Network