A comparison of the growth of cattle grazing buffel grass: high intensity rotational grazing vs continuous grazing

There are numerous grazing strategies that producers can employ on their properties. Intensive rotational grazing is one option that has become more popular in recent years, but there is not a lot of objective data for northern cattle producers to consider when deciding whether to change the grazing regime on their property.

In this webinar recording, join Tim Schatz (Principal Livestock Research Officer, Northern Territory Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade) as he discusses the results of a nine year study focusing on the performance of cattle grazing buffel grass in the Douglas Daly region (NT) and comparing cattle performance under either high intensity rotational grazing or continuous grazing systems.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation. (21:36; published 22 June 2021 by FutureBeefAu.)

Download a copy of the presentation – A comparison of the growth rate of cattle grazing buffel grass under two different grazing regimes – High intensive rotational grazing vs Continuous grazing (PDF; 4.77 MB)

Full recording


  1. Introduction – a comparison of the growth of cattle under high intensity rotational grazing versus continuous grazing
  2. Method
  3. Three treatments for first 6 years
  4. Cattle movement interval (rotational grazing system)
  5. Type of cattle used in the research
  6. Stock handling and staff training
  7. Supplementation used
  8. Cattle weighing, insecticide and weed control
  9. Published results
  10. Project results from the first 6 years
  11. Annual average liveweight gain per head
  12. Project re-evaluation (after 6 years)
  13. Project results for final 3 years
  14. Summary (over the 9 year project trial)
  15. Research clarification
  16. Final comments & acknowledgements