Calf Alive symposium panel Q&A day 2

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, the speakers from both days of the symposium tackle technical and practical questions posed by the audience. Topics discussed include: the complexity and the challenge of calf loss, weak calf syndrome, high body condition score in heifers and its effect on calving, and many more.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation.

Full video (1:10:29)

Playlist index

  1. The Northern Australian cattle environment and achieving an (ideal) annual inter-calving interval: Frank Garry (00:00)
  2. Weak calf syndrome or non-suckling syndrome in calves: Michael McGowan, Tom Kasari (6:50)
  3. Production effect on heifers that have a high body condition score going into calf: Frank Garry (16:07)
  4. The old argument – Bos indicus versus Bos taurus cattle, and what’s the optimum frame size? Dan Lynch, Michael McGowan, Frank Garry, Tom Kasari (20:56)
  5. The complexity and the challenge of what approach to take to combat calf loss? Kylie Schooley, Michael McGowan, Garry Frank (35:17)
  6. Using a holistic approach and managing cattle adapted to your own conditions and property: Tom Kasari, Frank Garry (45:25)
  7. Why do you promote calving first calf heifers 40 days ahead of the mature cow herd? Frank Garry (50:32)
  8. Does the way we handle our cattle have an impact on calf loss? Frank Garry (56:49)
  9. Are there cattle vaccines that you should not mix together? Michael McGowan (1:00:29)
  10. Is there a relationship between abortion outbreaks (pestivirus) and any effect on milk or colostrum production of the cow in subsequent breeding seasons? Michael McGowan (1:05:49)
  11. Could vibriosis cause infection of the foetus (e.g. weak calf syndrome)? Michael McGowan (1:08:00)

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