What can we do about calf loss?

Dr Kylie Schooley, a veterinarian and beef producer from southern Queensland, describes the journey for her family business to recognise and overcome productivity issues including calf loss. In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, Kylie’s very personal account of managing a beef enterprise sends a strong message to other beef producers – calf losses are very real, and they cost you money. Along with their own objective measurements and personal observations, Kylie highlights the value of using evidence based information to form your own management system.

Playlist index

  1. Introduction (00:31 minutes)
  2. Unravelling the conundrum of calf loss (2:42 minutes)
  3. Tools in the toolbox (4:56 minutes)
  4. Collaboration in science (7:48 minutes)
  5. Calf loss at Rocky Springs (10:28 minutes)
  6. A picture of hope (19:11 minutes)

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