Causes and management of beef calf losses in North America

Dr Frank Garry, Extension Specialist (Veterinarian), Colorado State University, gives an overview of calf losses in North America and the similarities to Australia. In this Calf Alive symposium presentation he describes management systems that work well in the United States and suggests there will be components that could be considered here in Australia. Frank’s entertaining presentation is followed by a Q&A session with the audience.

Full video including Q&A session (1:07 hours)

Playlist index

  1. If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got (1:56 minutes)
  2. US cow/calf industry (2:28 minutes)
  3. Demographics of the US cow/calf industry (8:19 minutes)
  4. Percentage of calves born alive/month in the US cow/calf industry (9:19 minutes)
  5. Seasonal calving and managing reproduction (11:03 minutes)
  6. Management styles (13:44 minutes)
  7. Outcomes for cows and heifers exposed (15:55 minutes)
  8. Un-weaned beef calf deaths (17:46 minutes)
  9. Neo-natal calf losses (20:24 minutes)
  10. Stillbirths (22:28 minutes)
  11. Calving management (23:24 minutes)
  12. Calf management (23:45 minutes)
  13. Learning issues (calves and calving) (31:32 minutes)
  14. Cow/calf production calendar (32:26 minutes)
  15. Breeder and pregnancy management (36:37 minutes)
  16. Pregnancy distribution and why it’s important (38:54 minutes)
  17. Reproduction management (43:05 minutes)
  18. Calf health and calving systems (44:18 minutes)
  19. Summary (46:27 minutes)
  20. Q&A session (48:06 minutes)

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