Defining the level of calf loss and identifying causes in your herd

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, Dr Kieren McCosker, formerly of the Northern Territory Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, discusses how to measure and diagnose the extent of calf loss in your herd. His simple, yet powerful system will enable beef producers to identify whether calf loss is an issue for their herds.

Playlist index

  1. Why measure it? (1:03 minutes)
  2. What information to record (3:51 minutes)
  3. Recording sheets (7:17 minutes)
  4. Computer recording systems (8:46 minutes)
  5. Don’t stop there…analyse the data (9:11 minutes)
  6. Think about the whole cycle (10:08 minutes)
  7. What do I do? (11:42 minutes)
  8. What can I do about the issue…where do I intervene? (12:57 minutes)
  9. Summary (14:33 minutes)

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