Dehydration in newborn calves in the tropics

The first 24–48 hours post-partum is the riskiest time for calf survival. Jarud Muller, Animal Production Scientist, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, presents his recent research findings at the Calf Alive symposium that suggest ensuring the cow is ready for adequate milk supply is a major factor in mitigating calf loss immediately post-partum.

Playlist index

  1. How much milk does a newborn calf need? (0:05 minutes)
  2. Mortality between pregnancy and weaning (1:03 minutes)
  3. Calf loss to dehydration (2:09 minutes)
  4. What proportion of calves experience low milk uptake? (4:06 minutes)
  5. Take home messages (6:32 minutes)

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