Economic modelling of grazing systems in the Fitzroy and Burdekin catchments (PDF, 412KB)

Economic modelling of grazing systems in the Fitzroy and Burdekin catchments was a joint project with the Fitzroy Basin Association and the Queensland Department of Employment Economic Development and Innovation. The project was formed under the federally funded Caring For Our Country and the Reef Rescue programs.

The project objectives were:

  • Quantifying the costs of over-utilising available pasture and the resulting sediment leaving a representative farm for four of the major land systems in the Burdekin or Fitzroy catchments and identifying economically optimal pasture utilisation rates.
  • Estimating the cost of reducing pasture utilisation rates below the determined optimal.
  • Using this information, guide the selection of appropriate tools to achieve reduced utilisation rates e.g. extension process versus incentive payments or a combination of both.
  • Model the biophysical and economic impacts of altering grazing systems to restore land condition e.g. from C condition to B condition for four land systems in the Burdekin or Fitzroy catchments.

To meet these objectives expert opinion was sought in various areas to ensure the project parameters were scientifically and economically valid.

The report was compiled by Megan Star and Peter Donaghy, Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation, and published in 2010.