Floods and storms

Storms are regular in Australia and can range in intensity from minor thunderstorms to category 5 cyclones.

Bushfires are caused by lightning and flash flooding is a result of torrential downpours. Damage to crops, tress, stock and infrastructure can be caused by wind and hail. Stock losses may occur during storms (e.g. flying debris), or later from disease, starvation, or movement though damaged fences.

Local Storms can cause flash flooding where the water levels rise and fall quickly (usually within an existing watercourse). Riverine or floodplain flooding occurs when extended or heavy rainfall is received over a wide area of catchment. It may take hours, days or weeks for floodwater to reach your area. Floods may damage infrastructure, and can cause stock losses and soil erosion.

State Government sources of information on severe storms, floods and cyclones can be found on the links below:

Natural hazard resources to help your organisation be better prepared can be found here:

The Bureau of Meteorology website provides storm and cyclone information. Find the pages here:

Information on available natural disaster assistance and services can be found here: Natural Disaster Assistance and Services.