FutureBeef fusion webinars

The FutureBeef Fusion webinars share the outcomes, achievements and learnings of a range of beef and sheep projects that our team delivers or finished recently  all from the comfort of your office computer or iPad!

Below are the details of the webinars delivered to date.

Climate Clever Beef initiative

The Climate Clever Beef initiative operated from 2010 to 2015 and focussed on working with case study beef properties across nothern Australia to evaluate the impact of alternative management practivces on livestock productivity, business profitability, land condition, greenhouse gas emissions and climate risk

Steven Bray shared the key findings from the Climate Clever Beef initiative as well as some of the strengths and weaknesses of this approach in a webinar delivered on 9 June 2016 [39:55 minutes]. Download the Climate Clever Beef webinar presentation slides (PDF, 3MB).

Leading Sheep tips, tools and learnings

Leading Sheep is one of our longest extension projects, funded over several phases. It continues to be very high profile and is highly valued by collaborators, funders and the Queensland sheep industry. Watch this webinar recording and find out how this DAF team of two sheep extension officers build on this legacy and achieve such strong industry support.

Delivered by Nicole Sallur on 24 May 2016 [32:20 minutes]. Download the Leading Sheep webinar presentation slides (PDF, 3MB).

The Reef Plan Extension and Education Strategy and what it means for you

DAF is responsible for implementing the Reef Plan Extension and Education Strategy (PDF, 1.2MB)… so what is it and what does it mean for you? We will discuss two components of the E&E Strategy: capacity building and extension effort audit and mapping. This will include what has been done, what is coming up and how it can help future extension investment and delivery.

Delivered by Carla Wegscheidl on 26 April 2016 [50:19 minutes]. Download the Reef Plan webinar presentation slides (PDF, 1MB).

Exploring ways to control Giant Rat’s Tail grass

Giant Rat’s Tail grass has become a significant weed, spreading across many coastal and sub-coastal regions of Queensland. In some areas, GRT infestations have dramatically decreased livestock producers’ economic viability and lowered their land values. Current infestations are collectively costing the pastoral industry in the vicinity of $60 million per annum through lost production and control.

Delivered by Jim Fletcher on 23 March 2016 [58:17 minutes]. Download the GRT webinar presentation slides (PDF, 10MB).