How to manage leucaena once established

Leucaena is a perennial forage that can significantly improve productivity and profitability of beef production systems in northern Australia.  However, leucaena has specific management requirements to maximise productivity and profitability, while ensuring long term sustainability. In this webinar, Stuart Buck (Senior Agronomist, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Rockhampton) discusses the on-going management requirements of leucaena.

Topics discussed include:

  • grazing management
  • managing plant height
  • managing soil fertility
  • weed and pest management
  • rumen bug management
  • other management considerations.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation.  47:36; published 8 November 2019 by FutureBeefAu.


  1. How to manage leucaena once established
  2. What does leucaena do?
  3. Background
  4. Recapping…How to reliably establish leucaena webinar
  5. Outline of this presentation
  6. Establishment period: 0-12 months
  7. i. Weed control (including required permits)
  8. ii. First graze
  9. iii. Insect control
  10. iv. Other grazing animals (roos, hares, etc)
  11. Once established: 1-30+ years
  12. i. Weed control
  13. ii. Grazing
  14. iii. Rumen bug
  15. iv. Height management
  16. v. Nutrient management
  17. vi. Insect management
  18. vii. Monitoring for escapees
  19. Conclusions and contact details

Download a copy of the presentation: How to manage leucaena once established (PDF, 3.8 MB).

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