The makings of a strong week-old calf

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, Dr Tom Kasari, Veterinary Epidemiologist, Colorado, gives an excellent summary of the American beef herd and describes how important cow nutrition and body condition are to ensure a strong newborn calf. ‘A thin cow begets a weak calf’ is the strong message Tom delivers.

Full video (24:51 minutes)

Playlist index

  1. Presentation objectives (1:18 minutes)
  2. Path model of risk factors for perinatal beef calf mortality (1:56 minutes)
  3. Thin cow begets a weak calf (7:46 minutes)
  4. Importance of body condition scoring (9:15 minutes)
  5. Pre-partum cow nutrition and calf vitality (12:53 minutes)
  6. Weak cows and dystocia problems (17:31 minutes)
  7. Summary of calf effects derived from poor cow nutrition (20:34 minutes)

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