Managing infectious and non-infectious causes of calf wastage

Michael McGowan, Professor Livestock Medicine, University of Queensland, discusses how beef herds can be managed according to four key broad principles: (1) Managing the feedbase, (2) Managing lactation, (3) Managing animal health and stress, and (4) Managing breeding. In this presentation, Michael discusses the interactions of these four key principles using data from the Beef CRC, CashCow and other research projects he has been involved in. Factors affecting both calf and cow mortality are highlighted and strategies to manage them are identified. A Calf Alive symposium presentation.

Full video (53:39 minutes)

Playlist index

  1. Key steps in controlling calf wastage (2:13 minutes)
  2. Major causes or factors that predispose to calf wastage and cow mortality (05:16 minutes)
  3. Principles of good management (8:35 minutes)
  4. Guidelines for managing the four major areas that impact on calf wastage (11:50 minutes)
  5. Managing the feed-base (12:22 minutes)
  6. Managing lactation (19:55 minutes)
  7. Managing cattle health and stress (30:27 minutes)
  8. Managing breeding (46:17 minutes)
  9. Key take home messages (48:59 minutes)

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