Pasture dieback: Outcomes from 7 years of DAF research, development and extension across Queensland.

Over the last 7 years the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) has conducted research, development and extension activities across Queensland to support beef producers affected by pasture dieback.

In this webinar recording, join the DAF pasture dieback team when they provide an update (as at 24 October 2023) on the current dieback situation in Queensland and the outcomes of research into the management options available to successfully restore pasture productivity.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation. (29:34; published 26 October 2023 by FutureBeefAu).

Download a copy of the presentation: Pasture dieback – Outcomes from 7 years of DAF RD&E (PDF; 8.04 MB)

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  1. Pasture dieback: Outcomes from 7 years of DAF research, development and extension across Queensland
  2. Outline of presentation
  3. Acknowledgements
  4. Background
  5. Death of tropical grasses, typically in patches
  6. Pasture dieback in Queensland
  7. 4 stages of (dieback) symptoms
  8. Pasture dieback examples
  9. Grazing management impacts
  10. DAF activities and pasture dieback RD&E timeline
  11. Diagnostic Research: Surveys
  12. Diagnostic Research: Fungi and viruses
  13. Diagnostic Research: Micro-biome
  14. Diagnostic Research: Pasture mealybug
  15. Pasture mealybug – Heliococcus summervillei
  16. Will I get pasture dieback?
  17. What else has DAF been doing: 10 field research sites
  18. Workshops, forums and other engagement events
  19. Pasture dieback industry network
  20. What can be done about pasture dieback and some management strategies?
  21. Manage for recovery
  22. Improve pasture and grass susceptibility to dieback
  23. Sow a break crop
  24. Control pasture mealybug
  25. How has the feeling on dieback changed and what are graziers doing now?
  26. Summary and contact details