Reducing calf loss through better management in Indonesia

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, Dr Dahlanuddin, Scientist, University of Mataram, Indonesia, gives great insights into cattle management and the extent of calf loss in Indonesia. There are 12 million cattle in Indonesia, and this presentation focuses on the local breed, Bali cattle. They are intensively managed in small herds but still have significant productivity issues that need addressing. His recent research has resulted in a large reduction in calf loss.

Full video (12:54 minutes)

Playlist index

  1. Background (00:46 minutes)
  2. Bali cattle (Bos javanicus) (1:35 minutes)
  3. Indonesian production systems (2:49 minutes)
  4. Calf mortality and reasons for it (3:58 minutes)
  5. Traditional cow management (5:11 minutes)
  6. Improved cow-calf management (6:03 minutes)
  7. Main study results (7:32 minutes)
  8. Effect of body condition score on milk production and calf growth (9:39 minutes)
  9. Conclusions (12:06 minutes)

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