Weight change between yarding and delivery to exporter

A Producer Demonstration Site (PDS) on weight change between yarding and delivery to exporter was initiated by the Kimberley Beef Research Committee (KBRC) to examine:

  1. Weight change while stock are waiting at station yards prior to being transported.
  2. Weight change in the supply chain between yarding and loading onto the boat.


The PDS measured weight change in 240 Brahman X feeder bulls over 28 days in September 2012. Post mustering at Leopold Downs station the feeder bulls were drafted into four groups and fed either shipper pellets or oaten hay ad lib, or placed into a holding paddock. The group fed shipper pellets were split further into, one group fasted prior to weighing and the other not. After 14 days on these feeding regimes the feeder bulls were trucked to Roebuck Export Depot; all stock were fed shipper pellets and oaten hay ad lib for 14 days.
This PDS demonstrated there were financial benefits from holding stock in a holding paddock until required for transport. Where holding stock in a holding paddock is not an option, the next best option was to deliver stock direct to the depot and put them on feed until the point of sale.

When: September 2012

Contact: Matthew Fletcher

Collaborator: Western Australia Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

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For more information, please read the final report summary and download the final report (B.NBP.0619 Part C) (PDF, 3.6MB) from the Meat & Livestock Australia website.