Improving Productivity and Profitability in Grazing – Technology Driven Decisions (E-Beef online series #1)

With current restrictions on face-to-face gatherings due to COVID-19, the E-Beef Project has moved online to maintain momentum and engagement during these unprecedented times (as well as for your safety and wellbeing.

The E-Beef online series involves four sessions over four weeks in June (2020), providing landholders, extension staff and industry stakeholders with key insights on new and emerging technologies relevant to the grazing industry.

This is the first webinar recording in the four-part E-Beef series that focuses on improving productivity and profitability in grazing.

This recording discusses some available technologies that can be used to drive on-property decision-making processes:

  • satellite imagery data for pasture and grazing management
  • walk-over-weighing systems for capturing real-time data remotely.

By watching the full recordings you will hear from three very experienced presenters:

    1. David Phelps (Principal Grazing Land Scientist, DAF) when he provides a background E-Beef, including aims and objectives and talks about the pasture greenness index.
    2. Grant Stone (Principal Scientist, DES) when he discusses the growing field of satellite imagery and the sorts of tools available e.g. FORAGE.
    3. Tim Driver (Director, Precision Pastoral | Tru-Test) when he details walk-over-weighing in cattle production systems and how to get the most out of the technology.

You can watch the full recordings or use the playlists below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentations:

Full recordings


Download a copy of the presentations:

Additional resources:

The Long Paddock website (FORAGE)

Full recording – The pasture greenness index (David Phelps)

Playlist – The pasture greenness index (David Phelps)

  1. The pasture greenness index
  2. A brief history of E-Beef
  3. The precision Pastoral Management Tool
  4. The ‘Normalised Difference Vegetation Index’ (NDVI)
  5. NDVI use across a season
  6. How can NDVI be used
  7. NDVI use across the paddock or property
  8. NDVI not only measures green
  9. What does NDVI measure?
  10. NDVI linked to cattle liveweight
  11. Understanding the interplay between NDVI and liveweight
  12. The main ideas in E-Beef…
  13. Summary.

Full recording – FORAGE reports for assisting land management decisions (Grant Stone)

Playlist – FORAGE reports for assisting land management decisions (Grant Stone)

  1. FORAGE reports for assisting land management decision-making
  2. Outline
  3. So how do our products assist?
  4. Long Paddock website delivery portal
  5. FORAGE property reports
  6. DES’s Remote Sensing Centre (RCS) provides…
  7. Combining the major aspects of climate, pasture and grazing environment
  8. The reports – briefly
  9. I. Indicative Land Type report
  10. II. Rainfall and Pasture report
  11. III. Drought Assessment report
  12. IV. Regional Climate Projections report
  13. V. Erodibility report
  14. VI. Foliage Protective Cover report
  15. VII. Crop Frequency and Type report
  16. VIII. Fire Scar Map report
  17. IX. Ground Cover Map report
  18. X. Ground Cover Regional Comparison report
  19. XI. Pasture Growth Alert report
  20. Using reports for productivity – how to interpret them
  21. Requesting FORAGE property reports
  22. Who uses FORAGE?
  23. Long Term Carrying Capacity report
  24. My FORAGE on-line property mapper
  25. Pasture Biomass estimates from satellite imagery
  26. VegMachine – Four seasons of Fractional Cover
  27. Pasture digestibility (DMD) impact on animal liveweight gain
  28. Common industry questions
  29. Forecasting liveweight gain (ADG)
  30. Some final words…

Full recording – Livestock walk-over-weighing (Tim Driver)

Playlist – Livestock walk-over-weighing (Tim Driver)

  1. Weigh, track and process cattle remotely
  2. Remote ‘Walk-Over-Weighing (WOW)’ system
  3. Northern beef ‘Precision Pastoral Management Tools’ (PPMT)
  4. Remote WOW dashboard
  5. Combining satellite data with liveweight
  6. Forecast herd average and distribution
  7. Visibility (of data across boundaries).