Resilience strategies for small landholders Part 2: Managing climate variability and the maintenance feed requirements for horses, sheep and goats

This series of recorded webinars is focused on supporting small landholders during times of drought and the subsequent recovery processes. This is part 2 of a 5-part webinar series.

In this presentation, Damien O’Sullivan (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Kingaroy) discusses:

  1. Climate variability in Australia
  2. Current climate outlook
  3. On-line tools available to help understand climate variability
  4. How these tools can be used to help manage climate variability.

During the presentation, Damien also discusses the maintenance feed requirements for horses, sheep and goats.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation.  26:06; published 12 May 2020 by FutureBeefAu.

Download a copy of the presentation – Climate and Feeding Horses, Sheep and Goats May 2020 (PDF, 1.42 MB)

Additional resources:

Full recording


  1. Managing climate variability and feeding horses/sheep/goats
  2. Topics to cover
  3. Rainfall percentile (Australia)
  4. Rainfall percentile (Queensland)
  5. Queensland drought situation (as at 1/3/20)
  6. What’s driving our weather?
  7. Climate drivers
  8. Outlooks – rainfall
  9. Outlooks – temperature
  10. Where to get climate information
  11. Current climate research – Drought and Climate Adaptation Program (DCAP)
  12. Feeding horses, sheep and goats
  13. Horses – when to feed?
  14. Horses – estimating weight
  15. Horses – feed quality
  16. Horses – how much for maintenance?
  17. Horses – what’s the cost?
  18. Horses – other factors to consider
  19. Sheep and Goats – when to feed?
  20. Sheep and Goats – know the weight
  21. Feeding Sheep and Goats
  22. Sheep and Goats – what’s the cost?
  23. Cottonseed and pellets
  24. Sheep and Goats – other factors to consider
  25. Water supplies
  26. Management after rain
  27. Summary and take home messages
  28. More information