Grazing management: Publications and books



This technical guide is designed to help inform and improve grazing management in the Mitchell grasslands of western Queensland. It focuses on: managing stocking rate, spelling pasture, burning and developing the property with more fences and waters.

The beef industry is a major contributor to the wealth of the inland Burnett region and this valuable industry relies on productive pastures. This booklet aims to help all grazing property managers, from those on small grazing blocks to properties of 10,000ha or more, better understand the development and management of pastures suited to the region.

A comprehensive report on the Northern Territory pastoral industry’s practices and plans resulting from data collected from surveys of 127 of the estimated 236 pastoral businesses in the Northern Territory at the time.

Real-life stories of grazing property owners and managers who made the choice to monitor their land so that they could get the most from their work. Monitoring helped them to separate myth from reality – read on…

A summary of the key findings and principles from the Wambiana trial covering 13 years (1997 to 2011), including some key learnings and management guidelines for grazing in a variable climate.

A description of trends in the beef industry in the Monsoonal North that aims to provide the region’s natural resource management groups with an understanding of how best to: support the industry, undertake the changes required to improve its environmental sustainability and economic viability, and to provide it with resilience in the face of increasing development pressures and climate change.

This book captures the main findings from the Pigeon Hole project that was conducted in the Victoria River District of the Northern Territory. It also explores opportunities to improve profitability through intensification.

This land condition photo standards guide was developed for rangelands within the Burdekin Dry Tropics region of Queensland. Download a copy of Land condition photo standards for the…

A summary of research from the Galloway Plains grazing experiment conducted from 1987 to 2001 on sub-coastal black speargrass (Heteropogon contortus) pastures in central Queensland. Authors: David Orr…

This manual is intended to cater for producers who are new to the region and want to understand the basics of operating in the Top End environment and…