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Collaborating on calf loss research at McKinlay

Producers, industry and interstate government departments came together to discuss recent research and practical prevention strategies of calf loss on the downs near McKinlay on 8 October. Hannah Brodie and Lachlan Smith,…
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FORAGE Long-Term Carrying Capacity report

The “new” FORAGE Long-Term Carrying Capacity report for grazing properties in Queensland is now available. Property “Long-Term Carrying Capacity” information can help with: long-term planning for property improvements, such as fencing and…
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PhD opportunity for From Method to Market project

Australian grazing enterprises operate on just under half of Australia’s total land area. For many years, the industry has utilised a ‘clean and green’ marketing advantage, which has traditionally been based on…
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Breedcow & Dynama herd management tool goes online

Agricultural economists at the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries have transformed the iconic Breedcow and Dynama herd budgeting software into a new online tool to help beef cattle producers understand the potential…
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Could canine ehrlichiosis be in Queensland?

Queensland dog owners are being urged to look out for signs of canine ehrlichiosis, a serious dog disease recently detected in dogs in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Dogs can become…
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Calculating the economics of agistment

Senior Extension Officer, Roger Sneath, has created an agistment calculator to help estimate the cost and returns of sending stock away on agistment, either on a one-way trip or to return home.…
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Choosing the right bull for your herd

When it comes to choosing a partner, you typically don’t throw caution to the wind and choose any person who catches your eye! You have to understand what you’re looking for in…
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