Assessing options for drought response — 5. Send sale steers to agistment or sell early

This is the fifth of seven recorded presentations, demonstrating how to assess management options in response to drought.

In this presentation, Fred Chudleigh (Agricultural Economist, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries) discusses how to use spreadsheet tools to assess and compare options of selling sale steers or sending them to agistment in response to drought. You can watch the full recording (14 minutes) or use playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation.

Playlist index

  1. Send sale steers to agistment or sell early
  2. Respond to drought
  3. What steps have we taken so far?
  4. Sell or agist sale steers?
  5. Sell or agist sale steers? – continued
  6. Where to next?

Excel spreadsheet

Excel – 3 Sale steers agistment costs and returns

This recording has been compiled within the Improving profitability and resilience of beef and sheep businesses in Queensland—Preparing for, responding to and recovering from drought project.