Tools and calculators



BRICK is a business analysis spreadsheet that aims to assess the productivity and profitability of extensive grazing enterprises. It uses management accounting principles and results from the CashCow project to help you identify areas of your beef business which may be under performing.

Here are a range of tools to help you make informed business and production decisions relating to your beef enterprise. All tools are provided as downloadable Microsoft Excel…

Pasture photo standards are an essential tool in good grazing land management. They will help you develop pasture budgets and dry season business management plans. There are photo…

Cost of production (COP) measures the outlay of producing beef in cents per kilogram. It is a tool that can be used by graziers to analyse their operations…

The Breedcow and Dynama herd management program has been updated and is now available online. First developed in 1988 by Bill Holmes, formerly a Principal Agricultural Economist with…