Cost of calf loss in northern Australia

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation Dan Lynch, North Australian Beef Producer, discusses how he and his family have managed their beef breeding operations in the Northern Territory’s Top End and Queensland’s southern Gulf to reduce calf loss and improve productivity. Looking at the facts through a businessman’s eyes, Dan shows the financial impacts of these losses in his presentation. This is followed by an excellent Q&A discussion, particularly on the impact of predators.

Playlist index

  1. Variation in calf loss result between the Northern Territory and Queensland (00:34 minutes)
  2. Reducing calf loss = PROFIT $$ (2:37 minutes)
  3. Northern Territory estimated cost of calf loss (3:26 minutes)
  4. Proven management interventions (5:00 minutes)
  5. Unknown interventions to reduce calf loss and their dollar value (7:03 minutes)
  6. Where to now – to further reduce calf loss (9:54 minutes)
  7. Q&A session (11:22 minutes)

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