North Queensland Sown Pastures project and team

Did you know?

  • Legumes can provide high quality feed in the dry season when native pastures decline
  • Well managed pastures can last 30 years
  • Good pasture management will reduce supplement bills each year
  • Legumes increase soil nitrogen to benefit grasses and legumes and help improve overall productivity
  • Legumes can help droughtproof your property
  • Legumes can help mitigate methane gas emissions.

This project aims to help North Queensland graziers develop and improve legume-based sown pastures by:

  • demonstrating a range of sown legume systems in commercial livestock production areas
  • generating animal and pasture production data, enabling reliable economic analysis to inform decision making
  • researching refined livestock business management strategies
  • providing one-on-one mentoring and support to producers who would like to incorporate legumes in their paddocks
  • helping producers grow their knowledge and skills through sown pastures workshops and tailored learning opportunities.

Who do we assist?

  • beef enterprises in the seasonally dry tropics of north Queensland, as well as the tropical coast and tablelands.

We can help you by:

  • developing personalised pasture plans for your property
  • monitoring land condition and developing grazing management strategies for your legume pastures
  • providing practical assistance and advice before, during and after sowing and helping you source seed
  • mapping and soil testing
  • offering learning opportunities such as workshops.

Meat the team


The NQ pasture team is part of the Queensland Pasture Resilience Program, which is a partnership between the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries and Meat & Livestock Australia through the MLA Donor Company