Establishing and managing improved pastures



Pasture establishment covers: cultivar selection, planting material, seed quality, seeding or planting rate, time of sowing, controlling competing vegetation, ground preparation, seed treatment, planting methods, managing new pastures, and what to avoid.

Producer case studies of managing flood damaged buffel pastures from ‘Mellaluka’, ‘Lignum’ and ‘Alinya’ on the Belyando River, Queensland.

Seed production projects aim to develop and improve pasture species for the northern grazing industry.

The ‘Promising pastures’ project investigates recently released or advanced varieties of pasture grasses and legumes for beef finishing and breeding systems in northern Queensland.

Sown pastures can offer flexibility in your beef enterprise and can provide solutions for land degradation problems but you need to carefully consider the benefits and be aware…

Adequately fertilised and well-managed sown pastures have the potential to at least double animal weight gains per head and stocking rates per hectare, compared to run-down naturalised and…