FutureBeef podcast, episode 7: How to make your stock thrive in the dry season

In this episode we’re exploring a range of options for supplementing stock in the dry season. How should we do it, how should we do it and how can we do it in the most cost-effective way?

To take us through the details is Mick Sullivan, a senior beef extension officer with the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, based out of Rockhampton.

Host Jayne Cuddihy joined Mick on Ian and Penny MacGibbon’s property, Ametdale at St Lawrence in Queensland to gain some practical insight into how some of Mick’s guidelines to dry season supplementation have been applied.

This podcast was brought to you by GrazingFutures Livestock Business Resilience as part of the Farm Business Resilience Program.  This program is jointly funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Queensland Government’s Drought and Climate Adaptation Program.

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