Leucaena inoculum for cattle

Photo of cattle grazing leucaenaThe leaves, pods and seeds of the leucaena fodder tree all contain the toxic amino acid mimosine, which many rumen bacteria can break down to the toxic compound, 3,4 DHP.

Cattle that are introduced to leucaena-based pastures will benefit from being drenched with a probiotic containing bacteria that can breakdown these toxins.

How the leucaena inoculum works

The leucaena inoculum is a mix of rumen bacteria, including Synergistes jonesii, which can break down the leucaena toxins to harmless by-products. Without the inoculum, cattle may not gain weight and in some instances, can die.

Key points for administration

Animals need to have grazed leucaena for about seven days before inoculation. Doing so will ensure the rumen contains enough leucaena material for the inoculated bacteria to survive.

The leucaena inoculum is administered orally—a drench gun can be supplied.

Only 10% of the mob needs inoculating as the bacteria will naturally pass to the others as they graze together.

So while a 500 mL bottle of inoculum contains five doses, it effectively treats 50 animals (five head dosed, 45 others pick it up from the five dosed animals).

Ordering the leucaena inoculum 

Order the leucaena inoculum from the Tick Fever Centre:

The centre is open from 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday. The inoculum is dispatched on Wednesdays, therefore orders must be received by 4pm on Tuesday to be dispatched the same week.

A 500 mL bottle costs  $255.50 plus freight.

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