Making profitable management decisions after the dry Part 2: Beef industry

This is part two of this webinar series – Making profitable management decisions after the dry. This webinar recording aims at providing beef producers a ‘first look’ at some at some of the key management strategies and actions to consider when planning for recovery.

Topics discussed include:

• Breeder management – why is timing of calving and weaning so important?

• How to assess feed availability

• Rebuilding your herd – herd structure, optimum age of turnoff and herd rebuilding strategies

• Overview of the decision support tools to assist producers in assessing herd rebuilding strategies (BreedCow & Dynama)

• What are my options if it gets dry again – What are the exit points or contingencies under my chosen herd structure?

• Biosecurity – diseases, parasites and weed management.


By watching the full recordings you will hear from two very experienced presenters:

1. Mick Sullivan – Principal Beef Extension Officer, DAF

2. Erica Noonan – Biosecurity Officer, DAF.


You can use the tabs below to select and watch a full recording or use the playlists (below each recording) to jump to the start of a particular section within the recording. As well as access the power point presentations and find links to additional resources.