Multimedia platforms are an effective way to engage your target audience by visually illustrating practices that can be difficult to describe verbally. All FutureBeef multimedia projects are hosted free on the FutureBeef YouTube channel.

Slidecasts involve video rendering of a slide presentation (such as PowerPoint), by combining an audio track with the slides. The audio can be a recording of an actual presentation, or a version specifically scripted to go with a particular set of slides. Slidecasts require third party software (e.g. Camtasia Studio) to edit and create your media project (note: staff with PowerPoint 2010 can record a .wmv file directly from PowerPoint).

Videos use video footage, and may incorporate photos or slides. They require a presenter and location, access to good quality video and audio equipment, plus some video editing software (e.g. VEGAS MovieĀ Studio).

Slidecast example:

Managing breeder condition
(11:17 minutes)

Video example:

Guide to pasture photo monitoring
(5:14 minutes)

These media techniques are a very effective and entertaining method of transferring information, but they both require a significant amount of time and effort in planning, scripting and producing the content to achieve a quality result. Ensure you have appropriate Manager approvals before attempting a multimedia project.

If you would like more information, or would like to talk through your options, please contact the eExtension team.