In order to manage nutrition for optimal cattle performance the first step is sound grazing management. For more information see grazing land management. Once sound grazing management has been applied, it may still be necessary to supply additional nutrients to correct deficiencies, maintain weight (maintenance) or meet production targets.

Planning and managing a supplementary feeding program

Supplementary feeding

Extended dry conditions/drought

Additional information

Water requirements should also be met to ensure optimum performance (and survival) of beef cattle.





Nitrate supplements, methane and remote technologies

A producer demonstration trial is attempting to identify novel methods to improve the precision of supplementation while simultaneously demonstrating practical methane mitigation technologies via supplements. The trial is also testing the effect of free choice supplementation concepts to further understand animal performance and its relationship with supplement use, watering and grazing behaviour. The trial is utilising innovative remote livestock monitoring/management technologies to quantify all individual animal responses.

This webinar covers: methane from livestock basics; the basics of non-protein nitrogen supplementation and why nitrate, and; PDS trial design, aims, preliminary data and where it will go.
1:18:34 minutes | 28 November 2013. Also available are the webinar presentation slides (PDF, 6.18MB).