Understanding methane supplements

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Supplements that inhibit methane production are an integral component of our pathway to carbon neutrality, but as an emerging technology many of us know very little about them. Now that some key options have reached the point of commercialisation in Australia, it is important that we begin to understand what they are all about, are they safe to use and how might they fit into livestock production systems.

In this webinar recording, the network was proud to host Ms Ainslie Macdonald (Research Fellow – University of Melbourne) when she discussed the efficiency, safety, cost, and impacts of two leading methane mitigation options:

  • Bovaer®
  • Asparagopsis

Listen to Ainslie in this webinar recording to expand your knowledge and understanding of these methane supplements.

You can watch the full recording or use the playlist below to jump to the start of a particular section within the presentation (36:23; published 25 August 2022 by FutureBeefAu).

Download a copy of the presentation – Understanding methane supplements (PDF; 3.64 MB)

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Full recording


  1. Understanding methane supplements
  2. Overview
  3. Supply chain responses to the Paris Agreement
  4. International drivers
  5. Greenhouse gases
  6. Methane (CH4)
  7. Methane (CH4) potency
  8. Methane reducing technology
  9. Bovaer®
  10. Bovaer® and efficacy
  11. Impact of production
  12. Health & safety
  13. Productivity & performance
  14. Further research
  15. Asparagopsis
  16. Asparagopsis and efficacy
  17. Impact of production
  18. Health & safety
  19. Productivity & performance
  20. Grazing
  21. Further research
  22. The future of farming
  23. Resources