Grazing management



As we all know, over-stocking causes stress on stock, pastures, soil and in the long term bank balances. Estimating the carrying capacity of your land and stocking according…

Grazing trials have shown the impact of stocking rate (SR) to be variable in terms of profitability and sustainability. The impact of management on land condition, both positive…

Key messages Forage budgeting is a method of estimating how long a specific number of animals can stay in a paddock without negatively impacting the landscape. The success…

A range of environmental management resources for beef cattle producers and land managers in northern Australia.

The law of diminishing returns and the fallacy of numbers More cattle usually means more production in total but some loss of production per head. Eventually, more cattle…

Grazing land management is about managing your cattle to make the most of your pastures while maintaining or improving land condition and biodiversity.