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The following publications include those produced by the project team as well as other relevant resources.

Scientific journal papers and reports

Journal papers can be accessed from the journal website or by contacting the corresponding author.

Climate Clever Beef overview

Regrowth and vegetation carbon

Livestock methane

Soil carbon

Savanna burning

Net carbon position

Business analysis and grazing land management

Case studies

Fact sheets

YouTube videos

Mitchell grass paddock walk

This video shows a series of paddock walk field days about wet season spelling in western Queensland.
4:06 minutes published 10 September 2011 by DesertChannels

Grazing in good times – the Dunblane experiments

A record of the Dunblane field day demonstrating how to make the best of a big season.
14:27 minutes published 21 February 2012 by DesertChannels

Managing Mitchell grass – the Wongan experience

This clip demonstrates increasing productivity through improving the quality and quantity of native pastures.
11.15 minutes published 5 June 2012 by DesertChannels

Managing Mitchell grass on Goodwood

Hear how Rick and Anne Britton have developed a wet season spelling strategy to suit their beef breeding enterprise within the Boulia Shire.
7:38 minutes published 11 Sep 2012 by DesertChannels

Field day handouts

Newsletter articles

Conference proceedings

Biennial Australian Rangeland Society Conference, Alice Springs, 2015 proceedings (PDF 3.25 MB)

  • Ahead of the pack: what 30 years of commercial pastoral innovation can teach us (page 23)
  • Using business analysis to inform management decisions in beef businesses (page 35)
  • Wet season spelling: a producer demonstration site. (page 42)
  • Spelling strategies for recovery of pasture condition. (page 46)
  • How well does NDVI correlate with green biomass, cover and diet quality? (page 54)
  • Cattle grazing found to have had no negative effect on soil carbon stocks at a site in the Northern Territory. (page 61)
  • Impacts of pasture spelling on the performance of a beef grazing property in northern Australia (page 65)
  • Is more or less fire needed in northern savannas? Fire history (and optimal management) varies with land use and land type. (page 105)

Northern Beef Research Update Conference, Cairns, 2013 NBRUC proceedings

Biennial Australian Rangeland Society Conference, Kununurra, 2012 proceedings (PDF 3.34 MB)

  • Fire management in a carbon economy (page 76)
  • Producing climate clever beef in Northern Australia (page 17)

Northern Beef Research Update Conference, Darwin, 2011 NBRUC proceedings

  1. Improving beef business resilience (poster PDF 260 kB)
  2. A pasture spelling and stocking rate demonstration at Alexandria Station (poster PDF 136 kB)
  3. Soil health comparisons between remnant forest and cleared pasture in the Fitzroy catchment (poster PDF 900 kB)
  4. Adapting to beef business pressures in the Gulf (poster PDF 209 kB)

Other conference proceedings papers

Cullen, B. R., Timms, M., Eckard, R., Mitchell, R. A., Whip, P., and Phelps, D. (2013). The effect of earlier mating and improving fertility on emissions intensity of beef production in a northern Australian herd. In: ‘Proceedings of the 5th International Greenhouse Gas and Animal Agriculture Conference (GGAA 2013)’. Vol. 4, pp. 403. (Advances in Animal Biosciences, Cambridge University Press: Dublin, Ireland.)

Broad, K., Sneath, R., Emery, T. and Bray, S. (2016) Climate Clever Beef: extension strategies  to support beef business profitability in a changing climate. In: ‘Proceedings of the 10th International Rangeland Congress, Canada pp 218-220.

Final Reports