In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, Dr Dahlanuddin, Scientist, University of Mataram, Indonesia, gives great insights into cattle management and the extent of calf loss in Indonesia. Dr Dahlanuddin’s recent research has resulted in a large reduction in calf loss.

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, Dr Tom Kasari, Veterinary Epidemiologist, Colorado, gives an excellent summary of the American beef herd and describes how important cow nutrition and body condition are to ensure a strong newborn calf.

Michael McGowan, University of Queensland, discusses how beef herds can be managed according to four key principles, i.e. managing: the feedbase; lactation; animal health and stress, and; managing. Michael discusses the interactions of these principles using data from the Beef CRC, CashCow and other research projects.

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation, Dr Kieren McCosker, Beef Production Scientist, Northern Territory Department of Primary Industry and Resources, presents recent research findings from the CashCow project to describe the prevalence of calf loss in northern Australia.

The first 24–48 hours post-partum is the riskiest time for calf survival. Jarud Muller, Animal Production Scientist, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, presents his recent research findings at…

In this Calf Alive symposium presentation Dan Lynch, North Australian Beef Producer, discusses how he and his family have managed their beef breeding operations in the Northern Territory’s…

Calf loss in beef breeding herds is a global problem causing reduced liveweight production and lower profitability. Here are the presentation recordings from the national Calf Alive symposium 2017 held in Capella, Queensland, featuring respected international and Australian specialists.

Dr Frank Garry, Extension Specialist (Veterinarian), Colorado State University, gives an overview of calf losses in North America and the similarities to Australia. In this Calf Alive symposium…

Looking for ideas about how to raise a poddy calf? If you want to end up with a big, healthy calf like the one in this short video,…

The National wild dog action plan project developed a monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER) framework to deal with the problem of wild dogs. Summary ​The monitoring, evaluation and…