FutureBeef Western Australia staff profiles

We have highly trained professional staff based throughout the state. Get to know the FutureBeef representative in your area.


Manus Stockdale, Development Officer/ Project Manager

(Rangeland Livestock Production) DAFWA

Expertise: Extensive cattle production and business management, extension and training.

Location: South Perth

Region: Pilbara and Kimberley

T: 08 9368 3881 M: 0448 897 652 E: manus.stockdale@agric.wa.gov.au


Matthew Fletcher, Development Officer DAFWAMatt photo

Expertise: Rangeland management and assessment, rangeland memo editor, feed budgets, pasture condition assessments, land rehabilitation, extension and training.

Location: Kununurra

Region: Kimberley

T: 08 9166 4019 F: 08 9166 4066 M: 0428 637 710 E: matthew.fletcher@agric.wa.gov.au

Western Australia Rangelands

Paul Novelly, Manager DAFWA

Expertise: Rangeland assessment and utilisation, West Australian Rangeland Monitoring System (WARMS).

Location: South Perth

Region: Western Australia Rangelands

T: 08 9368 3492 M: 041 894 3355 E: pnovelly@agric.wa.gov.au



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