Western Australia

The Pilbara and Kimberley regions of northern Western Australia cover a land area of 645,000 square kilometres and 422,000 square kilometres respectively with tourism, mining and pastoralism being the main industries.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory (NT) covers 1.35 million square kilometres and is made up of four major regions: Top End, Katherine, Barkly Tablelands and Alice Springs. Despite the NT’s large area, it is sparsely populated with only 230,000 residents. It is geographically and climatically diverse, ranging from high rainfall monsoonal areas in the north to the arid regions of the Alice Springs district in the south. The beef industry in the NT is characterised by extensive, low input and low impact pastoralism on native pastures. It manages a landmass in excess of 620,000 square kilometres, about 45% of the NT, and a herd of over 2 million head on about 220 pastoral leases. Annual turnoff is around 600,000 head with about half going to live export and half to domestic markets. The pastoral industry is the Northern Territory’s third largest industry after mining and tourism, accounting for more than 50% of primary production in the NT and generating over $400 million in direct income. It directly provides in excess of 1800 jobs, mainly in the rural areas of the Northern Territory.


Queensland covers 1.85 million square kilometres and has Australia’s largest beef cattle herd and is the nation’s largest producer and exporter of beef. The combined gross value of commodities produced (GVP) of Queensland’s beef cattle production and beef processing sectors is forecast to be worth an estimated $5,481 million in 2013/14.

Queensland’s GVP of beef cattle production is estimated to be about $3,890 million in 2013/14. It produces approximately 82% of the total GVP of all Queensland’s livestock industries and 37% of the total GVP of Queensland primary industries.

In 2014/15, Queensland exported approximately 750,321 tonnes of beef and veal with a value of approximately $4,950 million. The top three destinations were USA 32%, Japan 25% and South Korea 13%.

In 2014/15, Queensland exported 336,601 head of live cattle valued at $270 million predominantly to Indonesia and Vietnam. Many of the cattle exported via Darwin are of Queensland origin. Australia exported a record 1.37 million head valued at $1,358 million.


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